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Are you ready to Buy? 5 things buyers should know.

who pays who real estate

  Who pays who?

You may not know this, but in most real estate transactions, the agent representing the buyer
is typically paid by the seller.

  Location, location, location

Where a house is situated can have a real impact on market price – so a less than adequate home in a higher end neighborhood can sell for more than an ideal home in a less-than-perfect location. One thing to look for is how a neighborhood may be changing. Inner-city areas, for instance can seemingly explode as buyers see the potential for improvement in otherwise neglected areas. Schools, near by amenities, public transportation, and area growth are a few factors that play a major role when deciding on location.

real estate location


real estate everything in writing

  Always get everything in writing

No part of your purchase agreement should be assumed. If it is not stipulated in writing, it’s not included, so specify your expectations regarding appliances, fixtures and anything else. What does that mean? If you
see something you like, ask for it. Maybe the sellers were wondering how they were ever going to get that piano back up the stairs again. You may also want to be sure that all three of those barbecues are gone when you move in.


  Keep your eyes wide open

The cost of owning a home includes more than just the purchase price. Reserve extra cash for moving expenses, utility installation, renovations or improvements, home inspection, and closing costs such as
transfer tax, title and escrow fees. There is a tendency for new homeowners to push at the edges of their financial comfort zone. Just remember, it is often harder to live with the pressures of long-term financial commitment than people realize when they’re caught up in a negotiation. Know your limits before you embark on the hunt.

Keep your eyes open

This is a contract

  This is a contract

It’s important not to be caught off guard by the details of your mortgage. Remember, it is a long-term agreement with long-term ramifications. There are also opportunities to save money over the life of the mortgage by making increased payments where allowed. So don’t just see the payment schedule. Know your mortgage terms – it could save you thousands.