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 El Dorado Hills CC&R's

Below you will find links to El Dorado Hills CC&R's.


Arroyo Del Rio
Bass Lake Village 1 Hills of El Dorado
Bass Lake Village 2 Hills of El Dorado
Bass Lake Village 3 Hills of El Dorado

Govenors 1 & 2
Govenors 3
Govenors 4
Govenors 5

Laurel Oaks
Marble Valley
Marina 1
Marina 2

Ridgeview 5
Ridgeview 6
Ridgeview 7
Ridgeview 8 

Bass Lake Village 4 Hills of El Dorado
Bass Lake Village 5 Hills of El Dorado
Bass Lake Village 6 - 14 Woodridge
Bridlewood Canyon

Govenors 6
Govenors 7
Govenors 8
Govenors 9

Marina 3
Marina Hills
Marina Woods
Mormon Island A1

Ridgeview 10
Ridgeview East
Ridgeview Equest
Ridgeview Estates

Brown's Ravine
Creekside Greens
Cresent Hills
Cresent Ridge

Govenors 11
Govenors West
Green Valley Acres
Green Valley Hills

Oak Creek Hills Unit 1
Oak Creek Hills Unit 2
Oak Tree
Oak Tree 3

Rolling Hills Estates
Salmon Falls
Seven Oaks

Crown # 1
Crown # 2
Crown # 3
Crown Valley

Hancock J, orig
Hallow Oaks
Hidden Acre Estate
Highlands Hills 1

Oak Tree 4
Oakridge Village
Park Unit 1
Park Unit 2

Springfield Meadows 1
Springfield Meadows 2
Springfield Meadows 3

EDH Business Park
EDH Townhouses
Euer Ranch
Evans Creek

Highland Hills 3
Highland Hills 4
Highland View
La Cresta II
La Cresta III

Park Unit 3
Park Units 5, 6, 7
Parkview Heights 1
Parkview Heights 2
Park View Heights 3

St. Andrews 1 -6
Sterling Ranch

Fire House Hill
Franciscan II

La Cesta
Lake Forest
Lakehills Estates 1-4

Ridgeview 1
Ridgeview 2

Stonegate Village
The Summit

Francisco Oaks
Govenors Duplexes

Lakeridge Estates 4
Lakeridge Oaks

Ridgeview 3
Ridgeview 4

Timberline Ridge
Windsor Point

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Information provided by El Dorado Hills Community Services District.

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