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Short Sale options in El Dorado Hills
El Dorado Hills Short Sale Privacy
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El Dorado Hills Short Sale Privacy

El Dorado Hills Short Sale Privacy

We understand that not all sellers are comfortable with a “Short Sale” sign in the yard and “Short Sale” displayed on the printed marketing material. El Dorado Hills is a small town and we respect your desire for privacy, the last thing you need is for everyone in the area to be privy to your financial decisions. When discretion is your first priority, then make no mistake – it is our first priority! The Menser Real Estate Group offers you the opportunity to list your home in our Private Short Sale plan.

Private Short Sale Plan will not:

• Put up a short sale sign in your yard in order to market your home for sale in El Dorado Hills, CA
• Put “Short Sale” on any printed marketing materials.
• Put “Short Sale” on any advertising of an open house.

Our short sale homes for sale in El Dorado Hills close quickly, discreetly and save you from foreclosure. The Menser Real Estate Group understands that you need to know that you can count on truthful, direct and open communication during every step of the process. With the new foreclosure laws in place in California – you only have 90 total days from the first Notice of Default filed by your lender to cure, redeem, or sell your home to prevent you from suffering a foreclosure. A Notice of Sale is recorded at least 90 days after the Notice of Default, stating that the trustee will attempt to sell your home at auction in 21 days.

Don’t wait until it is too late – get the short sale process started immediately to stop your foreclosure now. Pick up the phone and call us – our services are absolutely free to you – as experienced short sale Realtors with years of experience, we get it done right. We keep abreast of all the federal laws, regulations and government programs inclusive of changes, in order to help you avoid foreclosure.

The only person we cannot help is the person who waits too long to call. Together, let’s get your home sold quickly, discreetly and with dignity.

Here is our direct line: 916-801-2919 – if you have to leave a message, please know we will call you as soon as possible. Call us now for a free, no obligation, and confidential consultation if you are ready to avoid foreclosure through the short sale process.